Unlock the Ocean's Potential:

Transform Your Business with Snorkie Talkie!

The unique setup for the Snorkie-Talkie Adventures - Made for You

Snorkie-Talkie Adventures does not sell you a product. We offer you a concept where you can generate profit on autopilot.

From the login of your customer, the review request for Google and Facebook to a weekly Newsletter, all is done for you in one constant workflow.

You can use the BluWave software to boost your business, or you can choose that we will do that for you. We help you to focus on your business!

This is a game changer for you, your time management, and your business.

Transform, Win & Earn

Elevating Your Water Sports Business: The Snorkie Talkie Advantage

Strategic Partnerships: Powering Success with Snorkie Talkie

  • Generate Unlimited Turnover:

    Offering Snorkie Talkie adventures differentiates your business from standard snorkeling and diving services, attracting more customers seeking unique underwater experiences.

  • Increased Revenue Streams:

    The addition of Snorkie Talkie tours provides an opportunity for higher pricing premiums and new revenue streams.

  • Get Passive Income From Your Customers
    Satisfied customers are ready to buy from you, the good news is that we take care of the communication, and you get commission on every purchase.

  • Innovative Communication Tool:

    Snorkie Talkie transforms traditional snorkeling experiences into interactive, guided adventures, elevating customer satisfaction and engagement.

  • Customer Safety and Satisfaction:

    Enhanced communication capabilities improve safety and operational efficiency, leading to higher customer trust and repeat business.

  • Automated Marketing and CRM System:

    A comprehensive marketing tool that simplifies customer engagement, increases bookings, and streamlines business operations.

  • Ongoing Staff Training:

    Continuous education and support ensure that your team is proficient in using Snorkie Talkie technology, delivering exceptional customer experiences.

  • Scalable Business Model:

    Snorkie Talkie Adventures can be easily scaled to accommodate business growth, from small-scale operators to large water sports centers.


    Provides state-of-the-art full-face snorkeling masks, enhancing the snorkeling experience with unparalleled visibility and comfort.

  • iQ UV Protective Clothing:

    Offers sustainable, high-quality UV protective wear, ensuring customers are safe from sun exposure while enjoying their snorkeling adventure.

  • iLab Extreme Skin Care:

    Supplies eco-friendly skin care products designed for extreme environments, protecting customers from the elements.


    Brings innovative underwater smartphone housing, allowing customers to capture and share their underwater experiences effortlessly.

  • BluWave Marketing Solutions:

    Access to expert marketing strategies and materials, helping businesses effectively promote their Snorkie Talkie adventures.

  • Global Community:

    Joining a network of Snorkie Talkie providers opens opportunities for cross-promotion and shared best practices, enhancing business growth.

Our concept provides you with all you need to boost your business.

Additional streams of income, a perfect customer experience, and the most comprehensive marketing automation in water sports.

  • Market-leading equipment and products

  • A complete turnkey concept

  • Unparalleled return of investment

  • Attractive commission system on every sale—all year-long and fully done for you!

  • Automated Marketing and CRM System-triggered by one-click only

  • Marketing labeled with your business CI

  • Booking calendar integration.

  • Regular newsletter with partner promotion to boost your revenue

  • Review automation for Google and Facebook

  • 24/7 support for the marketing platform

  • Monthly group calls

  • Business Club Membership Area with all the information and support you need

  • And more to come...